Senergia is a wholesaler

We work with logistics and distribution of solar energy products. We do not carry out any contracts, we do not install.

Selection of suppliers

The selection criteria we have for choosing certain suppliers are based on several factors. Quality is good and, of course, quality in relation to price is an important criterion. A good product has good quality, good warranty conditions and that it is available for delivery.
In addition to our requirements for delivery security, we try to find producers who are well-suited to their CSR work, which is evident in the Solar scorecard.
Note that Solar Scorecard is not a ranking of the products’ quality and that it is based on the fact that the producers themselves report their CSR work.
Another list that has some interest is the Tier 1 – listan. It also does not respond to product quality but is a ranking of the producers’ financial status.

Delivery reliability

It is no secret that the industry has recurring problems with low delivery security or producers who cannot deliver at all. There are no guarantees that we can always have the right products in stock, but we can at least put a lot of resources into forecasting future deliveries. Therefore, we like to discuss with our customers, ie with the market about how your forecasts look. Good forecasts provide a better flow of goods.

If you are interested in the future price development of panels then you can study this index.

General delivery terms

We know how important it is for you to place your order at the right time and to the right address.

Hera you will find our general delivery terms.

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