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Register your company and you on our B2B shop which is only for you who are installer / fitter / project manager.

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We will contact you within 24 hours and create an account for you with the right information regarding credit, insurance and shipping.

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At our warehouse in Västervik, we have what is usually demanded ie products for ordinary wild plants. Mounting material for different types of roofs, different panels, inverters, etc. Project orders, ie when there are a few hundred panels or more, contact us. Since it is often about polypanels, our inventory is different. At the same time, advance planning is usually good. Call us and we can discuss through prices, terms and times etc.


We know that we have competitive prices. But we also believe that it is not just a price question if we can deliver to you. Credit terms that give you the opportunity to expand are probably just as important. Since we have our warehouse in Sweden, we have lower shipping costs with comparable competitors from Europe. A difference in price, for example, can amount to some Euro per solar panel.

We believe that we can compete with good prices, favorable credit terms, low transport costs, project and technology support.

Project Support

As a wholesaler, we offer design and technology support for you as a customer. We suggest you contact us when you have such a need. We offer and carry out continuous trainings.

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