New board members!

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Senergia presents new board members

We at Senergia are determined to take a position as the Nordic region\’s leading wholesaler in green energy. Senergia works with solar energy, charged infrastructure and energy storage. Senergia\’s offering, the combination of logistics and distribution, qualified technical support and system training are part of our strong growth in the Nordic region.

In the parent company Senergia Nordic AB, we are now strengthening our expertise with new board members.

Bengt Ottosson, former CEO and production and distribution director at Expressen. In that role, he also sat on a number of business-related boards. Prior to that, he was, among other things, CEO of Kvällstidingsbolaget.

Chairman of Medieföretagen and a board member of Almega, Svenskt Näringsliv, the operating board of Svenskt Näringsliv, the logistics company Tidsam and the recruitment company First Reserve.

Charlotte Hansson has many years of operational experience from the transport and logistics industry as CEO of MTD Sweden and Jetpak Sweden as well as other senior positions, from Danza\’s ASG Eurocargo. In addition, she has 10 years in Life Science / Biotech.

Chairman of the Board of Orio AB and Link Top Holding A / S. Member of Bergman & Beving AB, DistIT AB, Green Cargo AB, Probi AB and Stena Trade & Industry AB.

Ketil Thorsen has extensive experience from international companies in the oil industry. Ketil has worked for Royal Dutch Shell, Accenture, CEO of the installation company Bravida in Norway, Grensemat, KBÄ in Sweden and Preem Norge AS.

Chairman of the board of Eurowag (Czech Republic), Recyctec AB (Sweden) and a board member of Thermosaver AS (Norway).

M.Sc. electric power technology (KTH) and econ. kand. finans (Stockholm University) is CTO and head of education at Senergia. Tim participates diligently in the solar cell debate and is the author of two handbooks (Senergia\’s Assembly Handbook & Senergia\’s Handbook in Solar Technology).

Tim is also a member of the industry association Svensk Solenergi\’s quality group.

Co-owner and CEO at Senergia. Thomas is an Entrepreneur and founder of Struktur Svenska kontor and Member of Nordic Light Capital.



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