P300 Compatibility with ≤310W Solar Modules

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Dear SolarEdge customers, 

In order to support higher power installations with P300, SolarEdge have been extensively testing the product to re-qualify it for such installations. 

We are happy to announce that SolarEdge Power Optimizer P300 can now be used with solar modules higher than 300W, up to 310W, supporting a wider variety of modules installations. 

The compatibility between solar modules and SolarEdge optimizers depends on the maximum input voltage (@min temp), max input current, and rated input power of the solar modules. 

The rated input DC power of the P300 can now be regarded as 310W (vs. 300W). See the table below for the characteristics of modules the P300 is compatible with: 

 SolarEdge Power Optimizer P300
Rated input DC power*
* Rated STC power of the module. Module of up to +5% power tolerance allowed

Max input voltage
VOC at lowest temperature

Max short circuit current (Isc)

The change is effective immediately and retroactive for previously manufactured P300. 

Best Regards, 

SolarEdge Product Marketing 

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